Flawless HD playback to 99.4% of viewers,
anytime, anywhere, online or offline.

Take that, Amazon, Netflix and Hulu!

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Welcome to the Digital Age.

Today’s digital consumer expects instant delivery, and instant access to their content on any of their devices. Anytime, anywhere, online, or offline.

Purple:player apps deliver flawless Blu Ray quality HD to 99.4% of viewers, even the 35% (U.S.) and 70% globally with slow, intermittent, or non-existent internet connections.

We have years of deployment experience with over a hundred thousand devices, from tablets and laptops to smartphones and smart TVs, and have written code to address idiosyncrasies and bugs on many different devices.

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A magical, branded media experience for Mac™ and Windows™.

Secure download, flawless playback online or offline, mobile sync, and one click to your purple:shop to drive amazing repeat sales.
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Free app gives you instant access to all your content on iPad™, iPhone™ or iPod Touch™. Stream on WiFi or copy media over and enjoy in high quality offline.

Supports Airplay to Apple TV™ for the big screen experience.
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Secure instant streaming access to your media library on:

Windows, Mac and Linux • iPad & Android™ tablets & smartphones • smart TVs & Blu Ray players with browsers • Apple TV via AirPlay • ChromeBooks™ • PlayStation 3

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Where do people prefer to view digital content?

A study by Nielsen, the undisputed king of media consumption reporting, reveals that people enjoy internet video on a wide variety of devices.

In the coming years, viewing habits will gradually shift to tablets and smart TVs, but for the foreseeable future, computers are the clear frontrunner.

What is purple:player?

Purple:players are magical, user-friendly, apps enabling authorized users to easily and securely view their purple content on thousands of models of laptops, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs.

When a subscription or rental period ends, or a refund is given, media and access is automatically removed from all of that user’s devices.

Rather than the confusing, frustrating experience of most digital content systems, what sets purple:players apart is the first class, luxury user experience that people love.



A magical, branded media experience for Mac™ and Windows™.



Purple:player for desktop

Your secret superpower.

Purple:player for desktop provides a first class, luxury video viewing experience.

The software elegantly integrates functions like background downloading, the world’s best video playback engine, mobile sync, unbeatable piracy protection and one-click access to your purple:shop to drive repeat sales.

Place your brand right into your customers daily ecosystem.

Your customers download your branded purple:player app right onto their desktops, in their Start menu or their Dock, right alongside the other apps they love and use every day.


Imagine if Pepsi were able to place vending machines right into millions of living rooms stocked full of cold, sparkling soda. Do you think Coke would have a chance?

Build your own digital distribution channel.

While everyone else fights and scraps to drive users back to their websites, our clients are quietly building out global digital media distribution networks by placing branded purple:players on desktops all over the world.

Purple:player empowers you to put your brand presence right where your customers live before your competition wakes up and realizes you’re years ahead of them.


Frictionless repeat sales.

Every time your customer launches your purple:player to view what they own, your Purple:shop is just one click away.

This frictionless path to repeat sales from the very people most likely to buy a product from you is why platform:purple generates an amazing average of nearly 3 repeat sales per customer.

Just another reason why deciding to sell your products through platform:purple is such an easy decision.

FiDo is your secret to becoming a global video superpower.

Purple:player features FiDo, our File Downloading library, able to devour files from our blazing fast global CDN at speeds as fast as the user’s connection can handle.

FiDo is the key to opening up huge global emerging markets for your video title libraries. Over half the world’s population lives in areas with slow and intermittent internet connections where streaming video is hopeless.

Ordinary downloading of large video files doesn’t work with an intermittent connection, because the files must start over at the beginning after each glitch, often meaning the files never get to the customer.

In these cases, FiDo turns into a pit bull, sinking his teeth into files, resuming downloads, taking byte after byte out of files whenever the connection resumes.

That’s why platform:purple is the only viable solution for distributing video titles securely to over 3 billion potential customers in important markets like Australia, France, Spain, Brazil, India, China, Russia and Africa.

Purple:player for desktop features

  • Elegantly integrated, super-user-friendly software environment
  • Branded with your logo and graphics
  • FIDO robust file download library
  • Video media is encrypted, unplayable except for a legitimate owner
  • Each product delivered is a full software program, infinitely customizable
  • Easy-to-use media management, copy to external drive
  • Copy titles to iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
  • One click to your purple:shop, design drives repeat sales
  • Auto-self-updating

Purple:player playback features

  • Peerless, perfectly smooth fullscreen HD playback performance on machines that cannot play most popular movie formats
  • subtitles/closed captioning
  • slow motion/fast motion without changing pitch
  • looping with visual indicator
  • fullscreen transport appear/auto-hide on mouse movement
  • cursor hide in fullscreen mode
  • beautiful transport graphics and buttons
  • current time/total time display

Flawless fullscreen HD.

Buy a brand new cheapo Windows laptop from Best Buy. Now try to stream a movie from Netflix or play a downloaded movie from iTunes. The video will play with a stuttery, jerky motion that will drive you nuts. Now try purple:player. Beautiful, perfect fullscreen HD. Wow!

Purple:player and a Blu Ray disc are the only reliable way to deliver flawless HD to over 99% of media consumers.


Also include printed materials such as PDFs and audio.

In addition to selling video content, you can include traditional printed materials and PDFs using our platform:purple reader, and audio using the built-in player.

Click here for more information and to view a demo video that shows how this works.

Slow down and enjoy the world’s finest video player.

The looping feature and ability to slow down video, without changing audio pitch, is perfect for martial artists, musicians, sports aficionados or anyone wanting to study a section of video.


You dream it. We deliver it.

Each “product” delivered by older, more primitive systems like iTunes are simply single movie files.

Each product platform:purple delivers is a full-blown 21st century software program, meaning you will never be stuck at a dead end with what you can do with your products.

Want your viewers to be able to tweet still frames to each other? Want them to be able to take notes on certain sections, draw on the movie, participate in live chat, take quizzes, click and drag objects? Want to create experiences of engaging interactivity that make the primitive, limited interactive options of DVD and Blu Ray disc look positively Stone Age?

Then platform:purple is by far your best option.


Take your media to go.


Take your media to go.

Apple has sold over 700 million mobile devices.

With the free purple:player for iOS, your customers can instantly access their entire media library with a single tap.


Perfect playback offline.

In an airport, on a plane, in the van with the kids, camping or on a cruise? Copy anything you’ve purchased over to your device and enjoy flawless playback anywhere, anytime, online or offline.

Watch on the big screen.

If you’re one of the 12 million people with an Apple TV, with one tap you can beam purple content magically to your big screen TV from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.



Watch anywhere.


purple cloudplayer

Watch instantly

If you have a solid internet connection, log into purple:cloudplayer from any device with a browser for complimentary streaming access to everything in your library.

Watch on a wide array of devices, including:

  • Windows and Mac OS X laptops, desktops (either directly or connected to TVs)
  • iPad, Android & Windows tablets
  • any smart TV with a browser
  • Apple TV (via AirPlay from an Apple computer or iOS device)
  • any smartphone with a browser
  • ChromeBooks
  • Linux computers
  • PlayStation 3

And every time your customer goes to watch something they own, they see an intelligent list of related product recommendations from your shop to drive repeat sales.